About Me

Vinty is a Seattle-based illustrator and designer who specializes in Character Design, Sequential Illustrations and Marketing Design.

Vinty is a freelance Illustrator who has designed products for For Fans By Fans, created characters and produced comics for BreakOutBit/Stela, and contributed to web comics such as Find the Sky and Just Add Milk. She also creates character illustrations for her clients. Vinty can also be found at your local comic and anime enthusiast convention where she displays and sells various products based on her own characters and interests.

Skills  -  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI

Specialties  -  Character Design, Comics, Illustration, Sequential/Illustrations and Storyboards, UI/UX Design, Web and Print Design

Please feel free to use the contact form for any professional requests. If you're curious about Vinty's daily life and updates please check out her twitter and tumblr.